Pan setting and sound file recording project

Sibelius 5.2.5
Powerbook G4
VDL 2.5.1

I am finishing up a project for a friend.
We have 4 staves (in order)

concert snare
drum set (manual KS)

the pan settings are:
snare: -100
keyboard: 50
drumset: 50
metronome: 0

Is there any way I can set these to isolate
the first three sounds using the balance slider/adjustment
when listening to them.  That would be most
helpful to students purchasing this book.

Didn't you ask about this before and it was answered?
Neal - for this project, you might want to consider doing the following:

FULL ENSEMBLE TRACK: Some slight panning of various instruments to give them some spacial dimension.

SNARE PRACTICE TRACK: Same as above, except without the snare.

KEYBOARD PRACTICE TRACK: Same as above, except without the keyboard.


You only have two channels: right, and left. So you can't pan all the way left, and expect to get anything other than audio that exists in that channel. If you record your snare drum all the way to the left, you'll certainly hear it, but only out of one ear. Then when panning back to center (or toward the right), the snare would start to reduce in sound much more drastically than if it were mixed with a more typical pan setting. So mixing this way would likely result in an odd sounding overall mix if you wanted to hear everything in context so that it sounded well placed.

If you're determined to go the route of isolating channels for the sake of student's practice, this technique would only be limited to tracks that used two instruments. One panned left, the other panned right. Anything else is going to bleed over to some degree. Maybe that would work okay for the metronome track, but anything more than the first two instruments and click wouldn't have it's own channel to be isolated within.


Thanks for the input.  I think the students using this particular book's
sound samples will be directed to use head phones.  If they
are playing drum set or snare, it seems that one's stereo
would have to be quite loud to hear while playing one's
instrument without the headphones.  If one uses a laptop
or computer, same scenario.  I guess the question
becomes:  Is it better to blend and balance the instruments
together so the student plays along with a more realistic
ensemble context/sound or might it be better to isolate
the instruments so he/she can focus on that instrument along with the
metronome.  Granted, with four sounds, the instruments and met
can be separated only so much.  The publishing company wanted
the sounds separated using the balance knob/function.  I
understand that's not possible.  So, we're left with the
disjunction I offered above or an amended version of
panning where the snare and drum set are more to
the middle wherein their voices can be made prominent in
the mix (using balance) but that the other ensemble instruments can
still be heard.   

As always, thank you for taking the time to respond.
It sounds like the publishing company is either very new and doesn't what they're asking for, or there's some other miscommunication.  If they are asking for it, then they should be able to provide an example of it.
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