Yamaha Tenor Question

I have a question about the Yamaha Tenors that you may find many of the corps using.  The corps tend to have the inside of the tenors painted black.  I know this offers better protection as the interior is not properly coated for weather resistance (could warp, etc).

Are there any thoughts, on how I might could just paint my sets?  The black shells look better than wood IMO.
Black paint does not make the sound project better. The color doesn't change the timbre of the sound in any way. It does look cool, you're right. At BD, back in the day, we simply removed the hardware and painted the inside of the drums. At AFHS, where I teach now, we actually stained the drums with a black stain (a few coats to darken it up) and then we treated the wood with a finish coat. Just take your time and make sure you do a nice, professional job and you'll be pleased with the results.
Is it pretty easy to get the white Yamaha stickers to make it look OEM
I did this before- removed hardware, masked off the outside of the drum and spray-painted the inside.  Yamaha dealers will be happy to hand you a stack of stickers to be sure their brand is seen.
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