In Memoriam: Louie Bellson

Louie Bellson was the guest artist at a concert wtih the Cal State Bakersfield Jazz Band one year and was the sweetest, kindest man you could ever hope to meet. After the concert he took the ENTIRE ensemble out to Round Table Pizza for pizza and beer. He most likely spent as much on that hang as he got paid to do the gig.
I had the pleasure of meeting him and talking to him on a couple of different occasions and you guys are spot on when you say he was the nicest guy.  Godspeed Mr. Bellson...
As a follow up for those that are interested, check out:
Definitely one of the greats in jazz drumming.  He was a class act on and off the kit.  His playing always came across so smooth and musical.  I agree with you Jim: there is significant amount of influence on drumming from Louie that many don't really realize. 
Thanks for posting this davdrums.

There's also a great video on Louie at the following link. For any youngin's that never had the chance to check out Louie's playing, be sure to give it a look. He is and always will be one of the all-time greats and influenced much of what we may take for granted as drummers. Thanks Louie!!!
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