Electronic Drumset

Hey guys,

Believe it or not, we have a Jazz Orchestra at my school. Picture it right now, 30 6th grade string players and a few percussionists jamming to some Count Basie.

They're wanting to go halves-ies with me on an electronic drumset, but must plead complete ignorance on what to get.

I know Roland and Yamaha make great ones and we're looking at staying between $900-$1,500. We're not gonna need a high level one, basically one that has a few different styles of kit samples on it.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Hey Ralph,

The Roland TD-4S  ($1000) or HD-1 ($800) would both probably be suitable for what you're wanting to do. If portability is any issue, the HD-1 is essentially a center column with arms holding all of the pieces. I played on the HD-1 once and it was decent for what you pay.
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