How do I Make it Sound Like a Real Drumline?

Hi Guys,

How do you make your scores sound like a real drumline is playing?Whatever I do,I end up hearing one snare,one tenor are playing in my scores,I'm not really good at setting up things with Finale + VDL 2.5,but I'd appreciate any help here.Is there something simple I'm missing?
I listen to some demos and they sound really great,just like if a whole 10 snare-line is playing but I can't get it done for my own scores.

I'm using Win XP-Finale 2007+VDL 2.5 with all the updates o.k.

Thanks a lot.

Are you using the Finale VDL Template for your version of Finale, choosing the correct staff styles, and choosing the proper instruments in the Kontakt Player? I'm not a Finale user, but these might get you headed on the right track.
Hi Bryan,

Thanks for answering,

I usually select all snares/tenors/bass drums light option in the Kontakt player.I've just downloaded the Finale template a few weeks ago and quite frankly have not used quite a lot since.
I'm used to start directly with Finale's Wizard as I did before,but I'll explore more with the said template from now on.

About the staff styles,what would you suggest in order to get the best setup and getting near what I'm looking for to achieve?

Thanks again,

Andre -

I'm a Finale user and I've been playing with this issue alot.  In particular, I want my snareline and tenorline to each have more depth and I haven't found a really perfect solution yet.  But here a few things you might try that I have had some success with -

1.  for starters, use the templates provided on this website.  This has little to do with your question but it makes life immeasurably easier when using VDL 2.5 samples (other than perhaps the Finale mapped sample set, which is limited in sample size, but may be right for what you are doing and you shouldn't use the templates if you are only using the Finale mapped sample set).

2.  The KP2 effects capabilities will deliver more richness to your snareline and tenorline (and cymbal line too).  I don't worry about my bass line sound since they are supposed to be either individual or played in combinations or in unison, all of which is handled nicely by VDL and Finale.  I try starting with some reverb (I use the bright drum room preset) in your audio output.  This will effect all the instruments routed through the output.

3.  Run your snare line through an Aux output and your tenor line through a different Aux output.  I add a chorus effect to each of these Aux outputs.  I start with the ";broad"; preset and then play with the parameters and wet/dry mix until it sounds good to my ear.

4.  You can also play with the Attack parameter (increasing) and the Release paramater (decreasing), or both, in each of the snare and tenor line instrument panels to create an additional ";fuzzing"; but be careful with this .... I have found if you get too aggressive with this approach it causes notes to cut out during Finale playback.

5.  I have also found that if I am writing a score with alot of different parts (and therefore alot more polyphony), this tends to accentuate the chorus effect during playback in Finale (which can be good or bad, depending on your preference).  So be aware not only of how the part sounds in playback individually (solo), or samples with KP2 directly but also how it sounds playing back in the score.

6.  You just gotta take the time and play with this stuff.

I hope these notes from my experience prove helpful.  I am interested to see other ideas here that I could try as well!! 

Thanks a lot Todd,

This is very helpful information that will hopefully help me produce much better scores.
I appreciate a lot,and more imput from other users is always welcome as well.


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