Tenor Trim Guard

When you purchase a set of Pearl tenors they come with the trim guard already mounted with a nice pearl ";tab"; that gives it a nice smooth look.

I have the Yamaha tenors and I am going to add the trim guard this summer to the drums.  However I am OCD and need it to look right.  I've have seen this done with poor quality by many, and would like to make it look clean like the Pearl series. 

Any tricks or tips?
Try calling the guys in the shop at Columbus Percussion. If anybody can help you with this its them!


Good Luck!
measure twice, cut once.
[quote author=J Mattson link=topic=2982.msg15762#msg15762 date=1235617986]
measure twice, cut once.

Best advice of the day!
Do you think the Pearl guard tabs will work on the yamaha brand...I just want to make sure I get them niced and perfect!
Yes, the Pearl trim works on Yamaha drums. I have done it.
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