Notehead issues in Sibelius 5

I am running VDL 2.5 in Sibelius 5.2, and I have the correct amount of noteheads when I open the VDL Template score.  In order to use VDL instruments in other scores (Wind Ensemble, Orchestral, etc), I exported the house style and then imported it into the other score I was working on.  All of the VDL instruments are available, but I have a lesser number of available noteheads, including some missing ones that are necessary to produce common sounds on certain instruments.  I have more noteheads than Sibelius normally gives you, just not as many as VDL is supposed to have.  Does anyone know any details on why all of the custom noteheads are not importing and/or how I can get them to?  If I can't my other option is simply to add instruments to the VDL 5.2 Template score,  As far as setup I'm working on a new Dell PC with Windows XP.  Thanks in advance for the help!
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oltarzewskt1 - If you're using the 5.2 template, your best bet is to add the other instrument staves into your 5.2 template as you mentioned.

You deserve bonus points for having the foresight to check your available noteheads! As you've discovered, since certain noteheads are being stripped due to the importing of the house style (since Sibelius views them as duplicates) this will definitely affect playback of instruments that rely on those noteheads in correlation to the template documentation and sound set.

The good news, is that there are some safeguards built into the latest template for 5.2.5 that should help resolve the problem of losing noteheads when importing a house style from the 5.2.5 template into other scores. We just made this available a couple days ago, although it's now an item you'll have to purchase for $10. [url=]More info here.[/url]

Hope this helps!
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