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Does anyone know the status of the BOA financial situation? The only other board I can find talking about it got taken over and replaced with political rants.

I really hope they were able to pull through, it would be a shame to see them go under!
This is a copy of the Email I received on Friday, Feb. 27th.

[b]For more info[/b], check this out:   

Email from BOA:

If 10% of all recipients of this email respond with a $5 gift or more, we will succeed.

We are in the final 2 days of the BOA Alumni campaign. To the 1200+ donors, please accept my sincere gratitude. To the thousands of people that receive our messages, thank you for your patience with the increased level of communications. Electronic messaging has been the catalyst to successfully uniting the BOA community. I am confident that we will succeed in raising the final $29,000 before March 1, 2009.

Share the Donation Link: BOA Alumni Campaign Donation Page

Upon embarking on this campaign, I was not prepared for the emotional stories of sacrifice that I would hear. These stories have made me realize the sincere gratefulness so many of you feel for what Music for All's Bands of America has provided for your kids, family and communities. We are blessed by these stories and for your passionate support for our mission.

We are sending this eblast out to most every email that we have in our system, whether a network subscriber or not, in an attempt to engage everyone in this campaign. If you are seeing this message for the first time, please visit the site and learn about the details and see the previous eblast messages that have been sent.

Yesterday we received two pledge gifts of $5,000. If you or your school is in the process of raising funds for the campaign, please let us know via email today or tomorrow. You can email to Pledges can be counted towards income in the current fiscal year. Gifts by credit card can be made using our secure website. Checks received in the US mail must be postmarked on or before Saturday, February 28, 2009. The same pledge rule applies to groups who plan to use the PULLANTROPY fundraiser before the end of the school year. The $1000 pledge can be booked with a signed contract. Learn more about this special opportunity.

Congratulations to the following schools for advancing levels:

Plymouth Canton (MI) Thanks to Lee Bonner, Marc Whitlock and Martin Montoya
Carlton J Kell (GA) Thanks to David McGrath 
Lugoff-Elgin (SC) Thanks to Glenn Price 
Harrison (GA) Thanks to David Vandewalker

Carmel (IN) Thanks to Richard Saucedo and Louisa Chiasson 
Victor J. Andrew (IL) Thanks to Dan Romano 
L.D. Bell (TX) Thanks to Jeremy Earnhart 
BOA Honor Band in the Tournament of Roses Thanks to Michael Cesario, Gayl and Beverly Doster and Shaelin McCormick

Click here to see the School Representation chart to see if your favorite program is represented on the letter jacket.

All schools earning the BOA patch Level will be prominently recognized in the Music for All Headquarters as ";Founding Alumni Member Schools."; Congratulations to Carmel (IN) and Carlton J. Kell (GA) for raising the most on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Both schools will receive one, 2.5 hour leadership workshop donated by Scott Lang and Fran Kick. Tim Lautzenheiser will donate the same to the school that raises the most TODAY, February 27. Special thanks to Scott, Fran and Tim for their kind contributions.

Leading Music for All's Bands of America is more than simply a job for me. With your participation and generosity, we will continue to provide positively life-changing experiences for the next one million people. Thank you for your family's active role in our ability to accomplish this. Together we will be successful!

Warmest regards,

L. Scott McCormick
President and CEO

Share the Link to Donate: BOA Alumni Campaign Donation Page

Music for All
39 West Jackson Place, Suite 150
Indianapolis, IN 46225

An update for those who might be interested:

Dear BOA Alumni, Parents, Teachers, Family & Friends:

Greetings & Congratulations!

I am pleased to inform you that in 81 days Music for All's BOA family successfully raised $250,686. Gifts received prior to the close of the fiscal year (February 28, 2009) totaled $249,166. All of the donations received before the end of the fiscal year have been allocated to reducing the organization's projected year-end deficit. All donations received after February 28, 2009 are being allocated to the current year's annual fund.

As we bring this campaign to a close, there are numerous people that I want to thank. I must start with thanking my tireless staff for staying committed during this time of unrest. To all the BOA alumni that held fundraising drives, reached out on our behalf and/or shared heartfelt testimonials of the joy that BOA has provided to them, thank you for your generosity and for making me smile (and often cry). To the parents of the 1.25 million BOA Alumni, thank you for your financial support and for teaching me that the impact of BOA resonates for generations.

To Marty Albertson and Guitar Center, thank you for your final week challenge. To the Feldstein family, thank you for providing the last $30,000 gift. I am fortunate to have a board of directors that is committed, patient and generous; thank you Music for All Board of Directors. Finally, to the educators that are at the heart of all that we represent. If not for your leadership and commitment, there would not be a reason for us to exist.

Please continue to visit the campaign website for updates on Music for All's progression to organizational solvency. In the mean time, perhaps we will see you at the upcoming Music for All National Festival or Summer Symposium 2009. Either way, let's celebrate this victory!


L. Scott McCormick
President and CEO
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