Finale 2008 Speedy Entry problem

I am new to VDL and am slowly getting to know the program but I have a quick question that may have been addressed before but am unable to find in the forum...for Finale 2008, when I enter my notes through Speedy Entry on the Oxygen 8 keyboard, the VDL sounds are sounding but in the ";snare"; staff, for example, the notes are not showing up on the ";A"; space...they're corresponding to the particular note on the keyboard I am hitting (F#, G#, etc...)...same goes for bass, tenors, etc...

A setting in Finale i am missing, perhaps?  Any help would be cool.


Stacey D.
Bloomington, IN.
1) Select the Staff Tool
2) Double click on a measure in the Snare Staff
3) Under 'Notation Style', ";Percussion"; should be selected in the dropdown menu
4) Click 'Edit' next to Percussion
5) In the Percussion map Selection Box, select the ";VDL2.5 Snareline Manual Full/Lite (MW)"; Map (if you are using the Auto R/L Map, choose that instead) and click ";Edit";
6) In the Percussion Map Designer, click ";All Named Notes"; under Notes To Use for Snare
7) Press Done, Select, then OK

Are your notes displaying correctly now?  If so, follow the same steps for the rest of your battery instruments or map based instruments that you have in your score.
This is almost certainly what Justin is explaining.  The directions Justin gives should set it up right for you.  Let us know if you have issues still after trying this.

Certainly did...thanks guys...
Good to hear!
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