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I have VDL2 not 2.5 and when I went to go register my product, the registration menu came up and I click register now but the NI page won't load. Every time I get a ";Safari can not open page";. I've tried going on the Native Instruments page to ask about registration but there are no product fields for Virtual Drumline at all. What should I do? I really don't want to have to send my registration by mail and I can't seem to send it by email. Help!!!

Have you tried going to MAC HD -->APPLICATIONS -->SERVICE CENTER and starting this application?  You can then sign in using your Native Instruments account and register your product automatically through this application.

If you are having issues with this, can you please send me a PM with your VDL Serial Number so that I can assist you?

You might want to make sure you also have all the updates possible from here:
Yeah I don't have a service center application anywhere on my computer. I am going to need some help with the registration process... I will send you my serial number in a PM. Thanks.

I just downloaded the service center app, and tried activating it but it is saying that it is already registered to another user account. I have registered it once before. How do I re-register with my new computer and email?
It may have something to do with the email that you are using to log in to the Service Center.  The email I am seeing may be an older one, and it is one that is different than what is in your Tapspace Profile..  Do you have time later this evening to do a remote session and verify this with me?  I am sure we can sort this out.

[b]Can you send me a PM with what email you should have?[/b]  I see an older registration from 2005 but there still is room for another.  I am free after 7:30pm CST if you would like me to dial in.   I hope this works for you.
Sorry for the late reply. I was away from my computer all day yesterday. The email from 2005 should have been If it is not then it may be an older email of some sort. Let me know if you get anything along those lines... Thanks

That looks to be the email that is in the system.  Can you give me a call and I will help you sort this out?  I sent you a PM with my number.
Glad I was able to help you out and get you registered Evan.  Let us know if you need any further assistance!
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