Hand Written Scores

For those of us who still enjoy hand writing our scores before entering into Sibelius or Finale, this is a great resource!


NICE.  Thanks for posting this for everyone!
Here's another manuscript paper source that I (and my students) use:  http://www.pdfpad.com/staffpaper/
These are good links.  [url=http://www.musictheory.net/utilities/html/id96_en.html]Here's another one[/url] that lets you get rid of the brand name at the bottom.

I went back to writing music on paper last year.  I felt the computer makes it too easy to take shortcuts, and I get bogged down in the technical aspects of composing on a computer.  I'm too easily distracted by someone e-mailing a funny youtube video or something.  Once I'm finished writing I enter it all into the computer.
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