Wind and String Instrument Libraries

So, I think we all feel pretty spoiled by the amazing realism of VDL. However, in a way, that's been a curse. I can play back great percussion sounds at the same time as my medicore wind sounds. While at first I thought it really enhanced the overall sound (and it does...), it's now just showing me how much I pine for better wind (and eventually string) sounds.

Currently, I'm using Sibelius 5 with Garritan Personal Orchestra, Sibelius Sounds Essentials and, of course, VDL 2.5. I really like the workflow of Sibelius and don't want to change that, so:

Can anyone recommend a more realistic sound library for me to purchase that will work in conjunction with Sibelius?


Can anyone offer suggestions for better utilizing what I have?

I'm not afraid to lay down the cash for a good sound library, but I am on a budget with mouths to feed and a mortgage to pay...


Take a look at the full version of Kontakt as well as IK Multimedia's Miraslov Philharmonik. There are two versions of the Miraslov and both are very decent for the money. Plus, IK is always having some kind of promotion going on.
I'm with J on this one. I have the East/West and it ROCKS! Another library that I have come to enjoy is the Dan Dean. Their sequence of Suite in E-Flat is incredible!
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