STYLUS and PAD make it easier . . .

Because of a right arm problem and not
really being able to use a mouse well (with the right hand),
I purchased a stylus and pad for $69
at Best Buy.  I am enjoying how much
easier it is making my usual daily tasks and
inputting music using Sibelius and VDL.
This might not be for everyone, but if you
have problems using a mouse or want to
utilize the possibilities this technology offers,
you should check it out.  Here's the website
for the product I have:


The university purchased me an Intuos 3
for my office.  It is several notches
above the one I purchased for home.

Has anyone else used this technology/product?

Take care,


I just got a Bamboo Fun graphic tablet by WACOM. It is REALLY cool. I'm still getting used to it, but I can totally see how people can be faster than a mouse with this thing!
I think the tablet takes a lot more movement (especially with two screens) than a mouse with the sensitivity turned way up.  I probably don't move my mouse more than an inch in any direction, so I'm only using my fingertips.  My wrist & arm don't move at all.

I'm using a 6"; x 4"; at home and the one the university
purchased me is 11"; x 4";

By the way, if you play chess on your Mac, and if you
have the stylus and pad, you need to turn off
the handwriting recognition function.

I use one for photoshop but not for music.  It's nice to have it in your lap and draw on it like paper.  It takes time to get used to though.

For Sibelius I have a hand on the numeric keypad to change the note duration, and the other hand on my MIDI keyboard. 
I haven't used one but they look cool.  Which size do you use?
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