All about 5/4

This guy is either brilliant at keeping a straight face, or he's a little bit clueless. Sadly, I think it's the latter. Still...pretty funny. :)
From the site...

";Ryan Larson is a young jazz composer whose teaching technique focuses on the basics of music theory [i]in all twelve keys[/i]. When applying his twelve-key technique to understanding the logic behind reading and improvising over the harmonic series, students can learn every basic chord just by running one song through all twelve keys.";
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Check this kid out, he makes Ryan Larson, the ";advanced hip-hop"; guy look pretty bad... well, worse

Ok my freshman year of college, i go to my first pasic in Columbus. Excitedly I walk into the show room. Then....

I see a 2 year old (in nothing but a diaper) get lifted up to a set of marching tenors by his dad, and hear him crank out a clean even sounding 16th note pattern around the drums, with no rims.

Dazed and confused i walk over to the Roland stand. Where I see a 7 year old struggle to  get himself onto a drum throne. His toes can hardly reach teh bass drum pedal. I was thinking...oh that's cute! Then I proceed to hear him crank out the most ridiculous funk beat i've ever heard in my life, better than I could have played it.

I promptly walk out of the show room and contemplate my life....
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0:30 seconds...

I totally expect him to say something about being a ";sleeping bag monster."; Yeah, you know what I'm talking about...
We've officially dubbed Ryan Larson ";How (Not) To Guy."; Expert Village even disabled video embedding because they knew we were posting and mocking them, but they still didn't get the clue and remove his videos all together.

Interestingly enough, he's not a total idiot when it comes to music:

Check this kid out, he makes Ryan Larson, the ";advanced hip-hop"; guy look pretty bad... well, worse
Amen on the cost Jesse!
And I quote.......";advanced rhythms now and we play the tricky stuff on the hi hats, the more advanced stuff on the snare and put in our fills so we are just going to jam out";...end quote.


That's all I can say.

Jim, the sad thing about that guy doing all the conga stuff is that he has some other person filming him... Someone is [i]that[/i] guy's do boy.

And Jesse, I agree with your sentiment 100%.
Sometimes I wish video cameras were at least $50,000.
the homemade wind instruments are golden!

just fast forward to the end.

oh dear god. too many good quotes to list them all!
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If I play the riff from ";Take Five"; but count to 6, does it really make it 6/4???

No. It doesn't. :) But, my old percussion teacher's band ";Los Viejos Blanquitos"; does a really sweet version of ";Take Five";...... in 4!

Check them out here.....

Ha ha. It's funny how long he takes to initially play the piano, faking me out a few times. Then he plays in 4/4, LOL. He obviously didn't go back and watch his video and count to it.  He seems so trustworthy, too.

Tho oboe one has me in tears!
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