VDL tenors sound not working

Hello everyone. I am operating with sibelius 5.2. In the score I'm writing right now (for snare, tenors, and bass) the tenors will not sound during playback. Snare and bass play back correctly, but the tenors are silent. Any ideas?
Are you using the full version of VDL, or the small VDL instruments found within Sibelius Essentials?

If you're using the full version of VDL, are you using the 5.2 template?

What instrument is assigned to your tenor staff?
Thank you for the response!
I am using the full version of VDL.
I believe I am running with the sib 5.2 template, although, embarrassing as it is, I'm not really sure I completely understand the concept of the template.
I have assigned marching tenors to the tenors staff. To double-check, when I went to edit the instruments and checked the staff on ";marching tenors,"; Sibelius warned me that i was editing an instrument in my score.

You have to use the template files if you want everything to be notated correctly and produce the proper sounds - unless you want to take the time to do yourself, which I'm sure Hugh and Jim would not advise, or anyone else who has experience in constructing templates for that matter.

The main two files that it includes are the template files (.sib file to be opened in Sibelius) and the soundset file (.xml file that essentially instructs Sibelius which sounds to trigger).  Without these files, you won't be able to get the Full Version of VDL2.5 to function properly.

Honestly, for $10, it's a steal and they were pretty kind to give it away all this time.
Oh ok thanks very much. So before I purchase it, could you fill me in on exactly what I need to do once I download it?
Pretty much everything you need to know is right here...


Also, in the future, try using the search feature. You find information quicker and won't have to wait on responses from people.
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