I am completely out of ideas.  I have been running VDL with Finale for over a year now on my Mac Mini.  Worked great, no problems.  I just purchased a MacBook and moved all of my programs over from the mini.  Now when I open previous arrangements the sound libraries are not loading.  When I click for playback, where it normally used to load all of the sound libraries I was using, it now loads nothing.  I've checked the .NKX files are all there in the correct folder along with the .NKC files.  I've tried a fresh install and still nothing.  Thoughts?
A less catastrophic subject line would be a great start.

Did you copy the Kontakt Player 2 VST files from the Native Instruments folder to the Finale folder?
Sorry, Not sure what you mean so I guess I haven't.
Uninstall VDL, then reinstall using the Leopard patch from Native Instruments. Also make sure you update Finale to 2009b.

And, as Bryan said, there's no need to scream for help (using all caps). Also a quick search of the forums will get you good results.

Are you saying it just loads nothing, or that you are getting an error?  Are you getting a box that says it cannot find the file, or that AU Setup window just opens with nothing loaded in the banks?

When you click on of the dropdown menus in the AU Setup Window (where it usually said Kontakt Player 2) do you see an option for that?  It doesn't sound like you are getting an error by your earlier explanation so I wonder if you are seeing this Kontakt Player 2 option in that list at all.

Also, if your previous arrangements were in Virtual Drumline 2 (pre Kontakt Player 2) and now you are on a Mac Mini (Intel) this will not work as those options will not be there.  There is discussion on the forum talking about how the older Virtual Drumline 2 would not show up as an option in Finale 2007 + unless you ran Finale in Rosetta since that older version is not Universal Binary.  [i]This is just a guess since I am not positive if you ever used that version before with those files, or ever had that version and didn't put it in your signature since you use the newer version now.[/i]

If you wish, I can certainly assist you.  If you can send me a PM with your name and Serial Number I would be happy to setup a remote session with you to look into this.
Glad to see this started working for you!  Let us know if ther are any other issues you are having.
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