Mod wheel problem VDL 2.5/Sibelius 5

For some reason, my mod wheel is always all the way up by default.  Whenever I go to play something back, I'll get, for example, a rolled sound on marimba.

I can correct the problem by moving the mod wheel on my MIDI keyboard up a little, then back to 0, but there is no way to have it set to 0 by default.

Anyone have any ideas?

Running VDL 2.5 on the latest Sibelius 5 update on a Mac.
My guess is that you have a controller command hidden somewhere in the score.  The quick fix:

[li]Highlight the first note of the first measure[/li]
[li]Ctrl (CMD on Mac) + T [/li]
[li]type ~C1,000 [/li]

That should reset the mod wheel to zero.  You can also run a filter to see if there are any midi messages in your score.  Consult your Sibelius 5 reference for more information.

Let us know how it works out.

That's what I had figured too, but this doesn't fix it.
Another thing that may be worth checking out is using the VDL Template for Sibelius. It has various dictionary commands built-in which contribute to the various mod-wheel functions of different instruments depending on things like articulations, text entered, etc.

Are you using the official VDL template, and if so, can you verify that you've assigned one of the actual VDL instruments to your staff?
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