Mic Net suspension systems for mallet keyboards

I recently ran across this product in my attempt to eliminate ";frame noise"; on some mallet instruments.


It's a good idea - sort of a ";shockmount"; if you will, for your mallet mics.  But I'm not sure where/how to mount the mics with this system.  I'm sure I could figure it out, but I thought I would see if any of you guys have experience with this before I make the investment.  Or does anyone have any other solutions to eliminate frame noise? 

Thanks for your help & comments.
Randall May is releasing a new mic system for mallet instruments that is due to release in Spring of 09.  Here is what the description says at randallmay.com:

Introducing the latest innovations by MAY exclusively for YAMAHA.

MAY Mallet Keyboard Miking System: This system was exclusively produced for YAMAHA and features a dual shock mounting system ensuring frame free noise and greater isolation from ambient field sounds. The height adjustable aluminum mic rail also features microphone slide rails that can be independently pivoted to further enhance the quality of sound. ";This fantastic new system by RMI will help to enhance the sound of pit instruments in any setting,"; says Troy Wollwage, Marketing Manager, Yamaha Percussion.

AIRlift Stadium Hardware for YAMAHA: Integrated with Airlift technology, a revolutionary concept utilizing an air suspended telescoping tube, this unique tripod system adjusts seamlessly to ensure easy, instant set up and positioning of the players instrument. All of this while controlled with one simple handle. In combination with Stadium Hardware promoting proper playing technique, drum lines will literally elevate to a higher level of sound and visual performance.

Go to randallmay.com to check out some of the pictures.  Looks pretty sweet! 

Perhaps you slide the shaft of the mic in the netting so it is supported near the top of the mic.
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