Will Virtual Drumline 2.5 work on Sibelius Student Edition?

I want to know if Virtual Drumline 2.5 will work on Sibelius Student Edition before i buy anything.
It's good that you are looking into this before buying on impulse.  Unless something has changed that I'm not aware of, Sibelius Student is [b]NOT[/b] compatible with VDL 2.5.  Please reference the post I found by [i]searching the forums[/i]...

Oh well thanks for telling me
And just to clarify:

[b]Sibelius Student[/b] is not the same thing as [b]Sibelius 5 Educational Edition[/b]. There has been some confusion about that in the past. The [url=https://www.tapspace.com/Sibelius-5-pr-70.html]Sibelius 5 Educational Edition[/url] is the full version of Sibelius, but priced lower for students and teachers. It's fully compatible with VDL and can be a great way to get up-and-running with the full version of Sibelius for a fraction of the cost.

Finale has the same type of pricing structure. Get the full version (at their discounted educational pricing) if you want compatibility with VDL. The scaled down versions like Allegro, NotePad, PrintMusic, etc won't offer the level of control that VDL was designed for.
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