Recording straight from Soundcard

Okay, it seems like with older versions of Audacity, you could select ";what u hear"; as the recording source and it would let you record what was playing over your soundcard. I know many of us did this in Sibelius 3 and 4 when you couldn't make a wav using VDL.

But now I can't get Audacity to do this. I've tried adjusting the settings in the Preferences menu but to no avail. And now I've tried this on my mac at home and on my windows machine at work and still no luck.

Ralph suggested buying WireTap (and I'm not opposed to that), but I'm just so used to Audacity, that if the program can still do what I need it to, I'd rather just do that.

What am I missing? (Thanks, guys)


How about exporting an audio file from Sibelius and
then dragging into I-Tunes where you can convert the
file format to mp3.  Or leave it as a wave.  I
have WireTap, but the process offered above
seems easier to me. And no additional purchase

Take care,
He's not taking a sib file, he's trying to take what's coming out of the speakers (basically).
He means exporting a WAV or AIF from Sibelius, not the actual .sib file.

I think some of the newer Intel Macs won't work with Audacity.  I used the free trial of Wiretap Studio and it worked.
I'm not working in Sibelius; I only gave that as an example of how many of us had used Audacity before.

I'm trying to take the mp3 off of this link:, and create an mp3 that I can import into iTunes and have on my iPod.

I used to be able to do this with Audacity through the ";what u hear"; input. Sorry for the confusion!


Sorry that I misunderstood.  Wiretap works fine for that.
I downloaded and tried Audacity, but it
and my new I-Mac did not play well together.

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