re: Pedal to the Kettle

This book looks awesome, can't wait for my copy!

I totally see a lot of these etudes being used as junior high region band audition material, or at least for auditions at your own school.
Thanks Ralph! We're really excited with how this book turned out. Kirk has a very methodical, but fun way of presenting a lot of very useful material without it getting boring (like a lot of timpani music can become). A handful of the etudes were added to the Florida state list last year (before the book was officially published), so hopefully we'll see it catching on. It's certainly worthy of widespread use. I hope you enjoy it!

Do you know the secret handshake in Texas? This would be great for the UIL list! ;)
I used to work with a lady on the approval committee.

The emails have already been sent, my friend:)
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