I've got a problem with my tenors, the always lean forward past parallel, both on the stand and on the carrier, is there any remedy for this, like a permanent fix and not just something the you can put under the stand to make them level? thanks
What kind of tenors are they? I'm willing to bet they're Pearls. If so, you can always just get long vertical adjustment screws. As far as the stand goes, You could prop something underneath the front leg to keep the playing plan flat.
The yamahas i use have the black knob to screw in out out to adjust the tilt. i can't imagine something without that. you might need to try and tighten all of your nuts and bolts in case it is sagging because of loose ends.
Yeah they are pearls. Will the long screws bend or break over the course of a season?
Not sure.. try it out and report back :-)
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