NEED Help, want to replace the VDL to another computer

Dear all,

I had register in my 2 computer but now, I would like to replace the VDL to another new computer, just only 1.

Is it possible? How can I do that?

Thank you very much,

Use the search function on the navigation menu. That exact topic has been discussed plenty of times.

Jim and the guys here at Tapspace do a great job of keeping the posts here professional. Remember next time you post that this site is not like other forums where punctuation doesn't matter.

I have to listen to my students speak in text message shorthand enough as it is, most of us REALLY like the fact that you can come here and hear everybody speaking in intelligent, thought out sentences:)
MU1405 - I don't think I understand exactly what you're asking but I'll try...

If you'd like to uninstall VDL from one computer and put it on another, go ahead and uninstall it from the first machine. Then, on the second machine go ahead and install it. Then run the NI Service Center program to authorize the software on your new machine using your NI user account.
Wow, someone is a bit arrogant on here!
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You're a better man than I Mr. Ratliff. :)
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