Paying for Templates

I just noticed that the new templates are available for a small fee. At first I was a little taken aback, then my next thought was good for tapspace :)

Most of us would pay a kid 10 bucks to mow/rake our lawn if we didn't want to spend the 2 hours it takes to do it ourselves after a long day. Then surely as users we can be willing to pay for the HUNDRENDS of hours it must have taken to build these templates and documentation. I've modified the old templates a bit and let me tell ya, once you get into it you realize that making those things must have taken forever and a day to get right.

Some people may ask ";but shouldn't it be provided for free? Isn't this what the software is for?";. Well no. Technically VDL 2.5 is like a plugin. What you plug it into is your business. But since most of the user base wants  VDL for use with notation programs, the fine people at tapspace were good enough to make some templates so we wouldn't have to. Anyone who was around for VDL 1.0 would agree. In fact, they would probably be willing to pay much much more given the man hours they spent doing it manually.

Anyhow, just some thoughts of a very satisfied customer.
After spending hours making custom maps for Kontakt 3 and East West instruments, I'd gladly pay $10+ for someone to do it for me.
I will GLADLY pay the $10 for the hours it took to make these templates...
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