Concert Bass Drum issues

I am writing my show for next year, and am in need of the concert bass drum sounds.  I have a separate staff in Sib 5.2 for Concert Bass drum.  I go to the play menu -> Playback devices, click on the KP2 that has the concert bass drum.  The keyboard shows the highlighted notes, when I click on them I hear all the great sounds.

When I go to put them in the score, the only sound I can hear is the 1st sample that falls on C2.  None of the other ones sound.  I have tried adding accents, staccatos, etc., but nothing else seems to sound.

Am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be great.

- Robby
Which template are you using?
5.2 Template.

- Robby
A couple things to check:

Since you're using the 5.2 template, be sure that KP2 is set to use ";VDL Soundset 5.2";.

Check the actual instrument assigned to this staff. To get proper playback, it's important that you've assigned the concert bass drum instrument from the ";VDL Template 5.2"; category of ensembles.

Check the readme that came with the template and pay careful attention to a couple things you'll find in the Concert Bass Drum mapping diagram. 1) Which line or space should the note be on to achieve the desired sound, 2) what notehead is assigned, 3) see if there are any required articulations to achieve this sound.

Thanks for the reply, I'll have to double check when I get home.  But I was pretty sure that I had the proper articulations selected (since I went through a series).  The funny thing is, I don't hear it playback at all when I use my O2.  I know the snare buzz rolls don't play unless the ";Z"; is being used, but when you input the note, it still plays back the buzz as you are inserting the note (regardless of the ";Z";).  It just won't play back correctly without the ";Z";. 

I can't even get the sounds to sound when I use the concert bass drum.  I only hear C2 (the first sound, and it sounds very muffled).  During playback it is almost inaudible.  I will play around with it more tonight, currently I am at work.

I have had this problem for some time now.  I just never needed the sounds like I do now.

Does anybody encounter this?

- Robby

P.S. - Thanks for all of the good help!
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