Tenor diddle playback w/VDL 2008 template in Finale

I have a Dell laptop running VDL 2.5 on Windows Vista and am using VDL as a plug-in with Finale 2008. I am using the VDL template for Finale 2008 provided from the Tapspace website. For some reason, when I use the expression tool to place a slash on a snare not (create a diddle) it plays back correctly (I do set human playback to ";marching";), but when I do the same thing to a tenor note (put a slash through the stem with the expression tool to create a diddle) it will not playback.

I am at a loss regarding how to correct this and I am ";stumped"; because the playback seems play correctly on the snare stave. I am able to get playback using the TG Tools plug-in for tremolos, but I really don't want to go that route.

Any thoughts out there on what I am missing and/or how to fix this?


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