Whats the differnece?

I was just wondering what the diffenece was between Sibelius5: Competitive Crossgrade, and the student edition?
I'm presuming that you're comparing three versions - Sibelius 5, Sibelius 5 Competitive Crossgrade, and Sibelius Student.

You can see the differences between Sibelius 5 and Sibelius Student [url=http://www.sibelius.com/products/sibelius_student/features.html]here[/url].

The Competitive Crossgrade allows you to pay a lower price for switching from a competing notation program. However, you have to be able to verify that you are switching from another program to activate the software. More on that can be found [url=https://www.tapspace.com/Sibelius-5-pr-70.html]here[/url]. Scroll to the bottom and read the Edition requirements to see if you qualify. Hope this helps.

Also, it's difference.

Also, be sure to realize that [b]Sibelius Student[/b] is not the same thing as [b]Sibelius 5 Educational Edition[/b]. ";Sibelius 5 Educational Edition"; is actually the full version of Sibelius 5. It's just priced lower for students and teachers. ";Sibelius Student"; is actually something of a scaled back version of Sibelius, which isn't officially supported with Virtual Drumline.

Sometimes it can get confusing when you hear ";student"; or ";educational"; tagged onto product names. But just to be clear, Sibelius 5 is Sibelius 5. It  can be purchased at different price points (pro, educational, competitive crossgrade). Regardless of which edition you get, the software functions the same. There may be some licensing restrictions that don't permit you to use the educational edition on ";for profit"; projects, but you'd have to check with them on that. All three editions of Sibelius 5 are available at good prices from the Tapspace webstore [url=https://www.tapspace.com/Sibelius-5-pr-70.html]here[/url].

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