Remapping the Sibelius template

Is there any way you could create a Sibelius template that is compatible with VDL 2.5.1 yet has the notation style of older versions (i.e. snares on the A space, mordent not needed for crushes to play back or at least have the mordent appear on the note stem of a crush, no upbow needed for skanks, etc.)? I'd be willing to pay for this kind of template if you were to ever make one. Thanks.

For what it's worth, try taking a little at the instrument definitions under [b]House Style > Edit Instruments[/b]

The find the instruments you're talking about, click Edit Instrument, then Edit Staff Type.  You can edit which space/line the notes appear on simple by moving their ";Position on staff";. Bear in mind with the snare instruments that the Snares Off sounds are currently using that A space, so you would need to be careful about what you're doing.

As for the tenor stuff, you could experiment with changing the different articulations to get one that looks better to you and also gets the desired playback. Messing around in that staff type edit dialog box will reveal a great deal about the template.

However, Hugh Smith might be the person to talk to about this.  Also, I could do it for you if you'd be seriously interested in it. Find me at WGI or send me a PM if this is something in which you'd be interested.
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