Kontakt Player2 problem

I'm not the smartest when it comes to this so bear with me please.

I am trying to load Snare, Tenor, and Bass lines to my Sibelius 5 on my Windows Vista laptop.
I've tried following the directions and it has led me to an error message.

On the Kontakt player2, when i try to load something like ";SnareLine Manual"; on to the screen next to it labeled Multi an error message pops up that states
";There was an error to acquire a license for this patch! Error message: This copy is not yet activated. Please use the Service Center to activate";

I promise you i have boughten both my Sibelius 5 and my VDL 2.5.
I have very recently recieved them in the mail and downloaded both according to the manuals. When i first opened everything up the Kontakt Player2 was working fine and i could load everything and (i think) it was working fine. When i tried using this again the above error message popped up. Please help me since i have spent a lot of money on these and i want them to both work like they're supposed to
Have you ran the NI Service Center yet to register your copy of VDL?

It should be located on your computer here:

C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Service Center

Ok that seemed to work. Thanks
One little problem though, when i playback my music i have written the sound seems sketchy and doesnt play back like a really persons playing it. It has short pauses inbetween faster notes. When my friend played his music back for me on his Sibelius/VDL it didnt sound like this. Do you think you know the problem?
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