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I think its about time for another composition competition! Don't you think so? Its been a long time. And also, what happened to frequent new marching percussion literature available for download? Ramrod is great, but I sure there is so much more people would love to see! (Martian Mambo 2003 please please please) Just a thought....
Yes I totally agree with both of those points, but ESPECIALLY the composition contest! Hold another one!
I'd really like to be able to buy [u][b]Martian Mambo[/b][/u] (2003 or 2004).  It's seriously one of my favorite exercises ever and I'd love to buy it. 

Side note, I was surprised that there wasn't a Tapspace booth at WGI Percussion this year.

We still love the idea of doing another contest and hope to make it happen. It's one of those things, we've wanted to do again but need to be sure we're able to do it right. Essentially, it's just the time necessary in organizing it that's in short supply. But we'll keep trying to make that happen. It's been quite a while and I'm sure many folks have cooked up some wicked music to share.

[i]Martian Mambo[/i] is available in the book, [url=https://www.tapspace.com/Parking-Lot-Etudes-pr-7.html]Parking Lot Etudes[/url]. While there may have been a few minor tweaks in 2003-04, this is the real deal.

We really missed not being in Dayton this year. It was a cost decision, and we may consider returning to the WGi exhibits in the future. You can still expect to see us at PASIC and TMEA. And of course on the website which is here for you year-round! ;)
Yeah, no Tapspace at WGI was a bummer. As for the contest, I can't wait to see what comes of it. :)
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