I can't find some "China Gong" library.

Hi, I'm HimZ.

I have some problem about my finale library.

I can't find library for ";China Gong"; such as ";Jing Gong";.

How i can find it. Because i want to make some Thai-Traditional Gong sound.

Thank you for all of answers me.

HimZ Anirut
Are you using the full version of Virtual Drumline? There are several different types of gongs in VDL. If you're just using the sounds that come with Finale, you probably won't find the specific variety you're looking for.

You can read the [url=https://www.tapspace.com/Virtual-Drumline-25-pr-6.html]full listing of VDL instruments here[/url].
Thank you for answer. :)

Yes i using a full version Virtual Drumline.

I just only can't find some library for use some instrument.

(I'm not sure you are understand my question, Cuz my English was very  bad.) TT.TT~~~

Ex. If I want to set position note head on staff with Drumset . I choose a staff tool and use Notation style with ";Percussion";.

And then, I selected ";VDL 2.5 Drum set Basic"; .

Something like that.

But my library just only have about BATTERY PERCUSSION and PIT PERCUSSION.

And I don't have some other Accessories Percussion library.

Maybe I can't find its.

If you have some advice to me, I'm thank you so much.


Thanks, Jim.

I really love your music pieces so much.

Now, I'm learning about your VDL2.5 at all the times.

Take care.

HimZ Anirut
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