Playback Problem

I have windows vista, Sibelius 5, and VDL 2.5

When i playback my music i have written the sound seems sketchy and doesnt play back like a really person is playing it. It has short pauses in between faster notes. When my friend played his music back for me on his Sibelius/VDL it didnt sound like this.

I recently downloaded these programs and followed the instructions but might have missed something.

I know this probably isnt all the information you need to figure out the problem so help me the best you can.
A full listing of your computer specifications would be a good start (see my signature for what would help, RAM, processor speed, hard drive speed, etc).
alrighty here you go

tell me if you need more info

Windows Vista
Processor:  AMD Turion Dual-Core RM-72 2.10 GHz
Memory (RAM): 3.00 GB
Are you trying to play back a score that you wrote prior to using VDL? If so, the mapping in your score may not be interpreted correctly until you re-enter the notes using the [url=]VDL/Sibelius template[/url].

If you [i]have[/i] written the music using a template, I would encourage you to take a look at your audio settings by clicking the ";audio engine options"; button in Sibelius 5's Playback Devices window. Pay particular attention to the ";buffer size"; setting which you'll see affects the Latency field. Adjusting this can have a big impact on how your audio is processed.

I'd also encourage you to read up on the importance of understanding your soundcard and its drivers. It's quite possible this could be part of your solution. There's an FAQ about that [url=]here[/url].
Do I have to buy the template to make it sound like a real drumline is playing it?
If you want your music to [i]appear[/i] correctly (standard noteheads and staff placement), while also [i]sounding[/i] accurate, it requires you to enter the music into percussion staves that have mapping which coordinates to the way the various VDL sounds are laid out.

Sibelius has the functionality to build this mapping on your own, but in order to have it function well in Sibelius 5, it will also require a ";sound set"; for Sibelius to properly interpret the mapping while loading the correct instruments. This is also something you can do yourself using Sibelius's ";Sound Set Editor";. Both these processes can be rather time consuming and require an in-depth knowledge of how all the VDL instruments function.

That said, I would strongly recommend you consider purchasing the template and save yourself hundreds of hours of setup work. To see more information on the template, sound set, and how it works, please view the [url=]video tutorials[/url].

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