Yes/No People (pre-STOMP) on HBO with Sunrisers and Cadets on YouTube

I have finally found a copy of this video segment that originally aired on HBO as part of a series of short acts hosted by Bette Midler. The Yes/No People was founded by Luke Creswell the creator of STOMP!

It also features members of the 1987 Sunrisers and Cadets Drumlines, which includes me (one of the five snare drummers that haunts Luke)!!!

very cool,  I didn't know stomp evolved from anything other than itself.

Hope it was fun doing that!
This is cool chazg. I remember seeing that when it first aired, and I know I still have a dusty copy of it on VHS somewhere. It's really cool that you performed in that!! I remember enjoying the Bill Irwin sketch as well.

Oddly enough, a friend of mine was just asking about this last week. There must be some Yes/No in the air. :)
Gee, Not even 1 response!

I thought you guys would like this one.

Oh well.
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