Selling music on I-Tunes

We would like to explore the possibility of
selling our marching band recordings/songs
through I-Tunes.  As I understand it, we
cannot partner directly with I-Tunes but
will need a distributor to help us do so. 
Does anyone have any recommendations?

I'm not completely sure of the specifics, but I think some sort of ";label"; needs to claim ownership over what's being released. Probably for accounting purposes. One way you might consider going about it is signing up through CD Baby (another Portland company). They cater to independent artists and offer a digital distribution plan that puts your music on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Napster, and several other stores that offer digital delivery. Plus they can also sell the old fashioned, CD format of you albums as well. Of course, they'll take a small cut of the sales generated, but it may be a good way to get your stuff to outlets other than just iTunes without the hassle of dealing direct with each digital retailer. You can learn more about them at I think is starting to do something similar as well, though I'm not sure they've been around as long as CD Baby.

The CD Baby deal is pretty easy. My band (Fez Fatale) did our last CD through them which made it easily accessible through numerous digital dealers as well. Here's the plug:
yes CDbaby is probably the easiest.  Cost for a CD is $55 to get it on itunes as you need a bar code and album setup costs.  I'm sure there are cheaper services out there but CDbaby is really easy and are quick.  I have all 4 of my discs on there.  YOu end up getting around 65� per track sold.

totally worth it if you think you'll cover the $55 (I imagine some wouldn't) but I can tell you from my personal experience it's been the best and easiest move I've made.  Also gets delivered to nearly 50 other downloadable sources ----even ringtones!!

go for it,
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