Keystation Problems

I have a Keystation 49e (usb powered midi keyboard), but I can't get VDL 2.5 to respond to it. I am running Finale 2007 on Mac OSX 2.5 Leopard, with the updated version of Kontakt Player that came with the patch that fixes the compatibility issues with Leopard. I know that the Keystation is registering with the computer because it is working with Garage Band, and it shows up in the MIDI/Audio setup screen. I have turned on the Keystation in the inputs in the Kontact player but still no sounds. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.
p.s. I am using Kontakt player 2.2.4
Are you turning it on before you load Finale? I know in Sibelius that if you turn it on AFTER you have started the program, that you have to go the the Input Devices menu and tell it to ";Find New Devices";. Is there a similar menu in Finale?
If you go to MIDI Menu -> MIDI Setup, what is selected as your input device for Channels 1-16?  You need to tell Finale to use the keyboard as an input device, not KP2.  If you have nothing selected, select the Keystation then try to enter some notes in Simple/Speedy Entry.

If it is listed as a device and you're not getting any input still, see the link below:

Also, keep in mind that even if you set Kontakt Player's MIDI-IN to your keystation while in [i]standalone[/i] mode, that will have no bearing on whether or not Finale is set to receive input from it. Those are two different scenarios.

If you're wanting to use your Keystation for an input device in [i]Finale[/i] (which uses KP2 as a plugin in this scenario), then you need to set it as an input within Finale (see Justin's instructions above).

If you're wanting to just play [i]Kontakt Player live in standalone mode[/i] via your Keystation, then you'd specify this within KP2's input settings.
Thank You all for the helpful information. I am super impressed that one of my percussive heros ( Mr. Casella ) relied to my question. By the way Mr. Casella, I marched snare drum with Carl Eppler and Dustin Schletzer at Music City Mystique. I am pretty sure you know those guys. ;)
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