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Hello everyone. My school district is Jenks Public Schools located in Jenks, Oklahoma. It is near Broken Arrow High School if that helps any. In my school district, for grades 6-12, we have one percussion teacher. His duties are really demanding and one of the things we have been needing to help make his job easier is a marching percussion tech. Our percussion teacher devotes more of his time to helping our pit because we mostly have freshmen and inexperienced marching percussionists in it. Which in turn reduces the amount of time he can spend with our drumline. If you could possibly just meet with our director and talk with him and see if you would like to, or just email him and communicate with him that way, that would be great. If you happen to know someone that is looking to tech and lives in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, give him our percussion instructors email address so he can get in touch with with him that way. My percussion instructor has been looking for a tech for quite some time now and I thought by doing this, we could have a better chance of obtaining one. Here is our band website,, and here is my instructors email, Obviously his name is Kale White, but thanks again and we appreciate any consideration into the program.
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hey everyone, my high school is jenks high school, located in Jenks, Oklahoma. it is near Broken Arrow high school if that helps any. At my school, for grades 6-12 we have one percussion techer, he duties are really demanding, we are in need of a marching percussion tech for the '09 marching season. If you could possible just meet with our director and talk with him and see if you would like to, that would be great; or if you know someone that is looking to tech and lives in the tulsa, oklahoma area, have him get on here and send a message to me. if you would like to, send your email address and i will give it to my director and he will get in contact with you. help is needed considering what the surrounding high schools have in director counts, we are a 6a band, that is the highest classification, third most students in the state, for school size. we also have a website,

This is not meant to be rude, but if you're seeking a professional, you may want to double check your spelling and grammar before posting. That alone could put off potential candidates!

Also, it is unclear from your post if your director is looking for someone, or if you are trying to find someone on  your own volition. In the future you may want to link his email directly instead of making people go through you. Best of luck!!!
You'll have MUCH better luck posting on a band director website. Texas has, I'm sure Oklahoma has a similar one.

Good luck!
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