Tabla Samples in Sibelius 5 On the Cheap

So, I've been working on a marching band show in which we decided to have some tabla.  I realize there are a few libraries out there, but for the sake of be economical, I decided to look around and see what was available in the market of free stuff.  I cam across the [url=]DSK Indian DreamZ VST plugin[/url].  The sounds are actually pretty decent, so I decided to go with that. Plus, it includes a few other Indian instruments such as sitar, tamburo, etc. Anyhow, I like to work exclusively in Sibelius when I can, so I wanted to be able to make it sound good and look good.  This would require both some cusotm mapping and creating a soundset that corresponds with the VST.

Anyhow, I decided to do all that, so I figured I'd share my work with you guys.  I'm sure there are a few bugs and some mislabeling of the various techniques (as I am by no means a tabla expert), but the overal idea is that if you have Sibelius 5, you can now have semi-decent, integrated tabla samples for free.  I've attached the necessary files as well as a basic readme on what you need to do to get up and running. Any critique and corrections would be much appreciated.

Sorry for anyone using a Mac as it seems that this plugin only works on Windows machines, unless someone knows of a way to use .dll VSTs on a Mac. Also, since this is not a VDL instrument and is not played using Kontakt Player 2, it cannot share a stave with any VDL instruments.

Otherwise, Enjoy!
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