Anybody else miss the sound of VDL1?

I don't know if I'm alone here, but I only became aware of VDL after it had already moved on to the 2nd iteration.  And from every recording I've heard, if I had to choose for battery sounds with my arrangements I'd love to be able to use the sounds of VDL1.

It cuts through so much better, ESPECIALLY the basses.  I realize that everybody has their own tastes and some might prefer the close-to-realistic sounds of 2.5, but I think VDL1 was the perfect marriage of the current VDL sounds and the Rowloff sounds that come standard with finale.

My desire is not to throw out the current samplings, but at least have the option to choose.  Now, I've personally emailed some of the Tapspace staff and they say that it's impossible to get them back, but I find that hard to believe completely.  It might be a lot of work, but (hopefully) not impossible.

Am I alone with this opinion?
While the VDL2 sounds are ";optimized"; for mixing purposes like say the percussion in Jam pack 4, they can still cut through well if you adjust the Kontakt levels and mixer levels. Also a little compression works wonders!
Yeah, I'm not keen on all that.  Never learned/been taught and don't have the software.  I'm just talking about what I can do in Sibelius and how it sounds coming out of that.

I know [url=]this[/url] didn't have to be washed through audio programs to sound like that.
I guess it really just depends entirely on taste. There are some people who would swear by soundfonts and prefer VDL1.  While VDL1 was great around the time it was created, VDL2.5 surpassed it by a long shot in terms of realism.  Yeah, the old sounds ";cut"; through more, however, in a real acoustic situation, is that really desirable?  Most people will find and object that they would want for the battery sounds to be balanced with everything else that's going on.

That recording you posted sounds like Aaron Guidry - is it? Also, I'll guarantee you that probably 95% of people would prefer a recording of that same music made using better wind samples and VDL2.5 as that recording doesn't have the realism you'd get with better samples.

To each his/her own, I suppose.
It's not that I prefer 2.5 less ... I'm talking mainly about ";out-of-the-box"; usability.  From what others have said, 2.5 can be made to be very clear and distinct using other audio processing methods, but I don't have the access/knowledge to do that.

To me, it sounds like VDL1 was very articulate and crisp by itself.  Now, if you or anybody else knows of some resource to checkout that can show me what programs to use and how to use them (to achieve clearer 2.5 sounds) PLEASE do.  I love the software, it's just off-putting to not get the sound I'm looking for.
I think your best bet will be to take the plunge and learn how to use it. This forum has been the key element that has allowed me to get as far as I have with this outstanding product!

I have absolutely ZERO education or background when it comes to audio. But with this site, Sibelius, and a whole lot of patience and time I've slowly gotten comfortable and able to achieve the sounds I hear in my head (much like a lot of other people on this forum).

Do it dude, you won't regret it. It may take a while, but it will TOTALLY be worth it. Being able to make this stuff do exactly what you want it to is a great feeling of accomplishment to novices of the audio world, much like myself:)
OK, new direction ... what is a poor, college student's options?  Can any of this audio engineering be done in Audacity?
[quote author=Lydian9 link=topic=3069.msg16259#msg16259 date=1241146943]
This forum has been the key element that has allowed me to get as far as I have with this outstanding product!

This. There is plenty of documentation already on the forum discussing just about every possible way to use VDL2. The search feature is actually quite good on this forum (unlike some forums). Give it a try and good luck!
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