I have been having an issue where the every tenor sound is a ";short press";.  How do I change this to a standard attack?  I have been using this template on Finale 2005 and VDL 2 (PC) for a while and it works great but I just started using this template on Finale 2009 and VDL 2.5 (mac).

Sorry if this has been asked but I have tried everything.

As stated above, I am using Finale 2009, VDL 2.5, and a M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2 midi controller.
Hey AlanBarone,

Are you using the most recent template for Finale?  If not, I would suggest downloading and using the template below:


1) Open the template
2) Choose the Staff Tool
3) Double-click on a measure in the Tenor staff
4) Next to Notation Style, Percussion should be selected.  Press the ";Select"; button next to the dropdown menu.
5) Choose the appropriate map for Tenors, then press ";Edit";
6) Click ";All Named Notes"; then press ";Done";
7) Press ";Select"; then ";OK";

Now try to enter some notes on the Tenor staff.  Do they enter/playback correctly now?
That worked using the old template as well as the new one!  Thank you!
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