Don't Have VDL 2.5 Maps in Finale 2009b

I did the upgade and can only find the VDL-Lite for Garriton maps. Is there somewhere to download this .lib file?
Hey Mattflam,

The updated/corrected maps included with the Finale 2009b update are only for a small subset of sounds included with 2009 (the VDL for Finale 2009 sounds).  Those instruments and maps are only a tiny fraction of the sounds that would be included with full VDL 2.5.

To get the maps for full VDL 2.5, you'll want to download and use the Finale templates from the link below:


If you want to save the full maps to import into a custom template or current file, open one of the VDL 2.5 templates. 

1) Go to File Menu -> Save Library
2) Place a check next to ";Percussion Maps"; and press OK.
3) Name the library ";VDL Maps"; or something similar so you can distinguish it from the others
4) Save the Library to the Library folder in the Finale 2009 Application folder.

To load the saved library:

1) Go to File Menu -> Load Library and locate the saved VDL Maps library we just saved in the steps above
2) Choose the Staff Tool
3) Double-click on a measure in the Snare Staff (for example, or any non-pitched percussion staff that requires a map)
4) Next to Notation Style, Percussion should be selected.  Press the ";Select"; button next to the dropdown menu.
5) Choose the appropriate map, then press ";Edit";
6) Click ";All Named Notes"; then press ";Done";
7) Press ";Select"; then ";OK";
8) Repeat steps 2-7 for the rest of your map based staves

I'd like to follow up on Justin's reply, not only for the poster but others as well.

The current VDL/finale template is for Finale2008. This will work using Finale2009. Be aware that MakeMusic, the developers of Finale, made significant changes to the Expressions Tool. It has been these changes which have delayed the development of a Tapspace/VDL2.5 template for Finale2009.

The template is very near completion and will include ALL of the mapped sounds in VDL2.5 and expressions for keyswitches, implement changes, playing zones, etc. If you have any questions please feel free to post a reply or send an email.
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