re: Weird things. Bug in my template?

I use the correct MIDI key for a med. decresc. roll on Snare Manual Lite, and I hear it playback correctly as I enter it. When I play it back though, it (along with all other rolls) plays back as a long cresc. roll.

Also, I try to go in and change the notehead manually, but it doesn't change the actual head. Some noteheads won't let me click them, and some even switch me to another random one.

Will cutting and pasting into a new file from the template solve this, or will it just bring the problem with it?

I'm pretty sure this has been posted before, but I can't find it. Anyone remember it? Did I imagine it? Am I going crazy? What voices?
Problem with the buzz rolls solved. I had a ";mp cresc. poco a poco"; at the beginning of the measure and it was making all of my rolls crescendo. One down, now the weird notehead thing...
Are you still using the 5.2 template as you have it in your signature or are you now using 5.2.5? Sounds like a strange problem. Do you have the correct Sound Set file selected in your Playback settings?
I went ahead and did a quick cut and paste into a new copy of the template. With the ";timesaver"; thread from a while back, it didnt' even take a full minute.

I guess I'll just add this one to my symptom list of ";Hey, you messed something up, do this to fix it";.
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