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Windows 7 is rumored to offically begin it's release in late fall.  Are there any anticipated issues with this in relation to Sib/Fin and VD2.5?

Windows Vista is going to be renamed as Windows 6, in an attempt to make the point that Windows 7 is a more stable version of Windows Vista. 

The other issue or question I have is what does Windows 7 do to the RAM issues that many have faced with Vista.  I am running Windows Vista 32-Bit with 2GB of RAM and I cannot run Kontact 2 in standalone without having some big latency and bogging issues.
I've been using both the Beta (build 7000) and the RC (build 7100) builds of Windows 7 for a few months now. I haven't run into any issues regarding Sibelius 5 or VDL 2.5 yet.

[quote]Windows Vista is going to be renamed as Windows 6 [/quote]

I'm not sure who told you this, but I'm pretty sure that's not true. I follow Tech news and happenings [i]very[/i] closely, and I haven't heard anything indicating that will happen.

I do greatly recommend moving to Win7 if you're currently using Vista. It's a huge improvement in terms of ease of use, resource usage, and speed, and so far I haven't run into any compatibility issues. All my software and hardware works great (even the 1212m). I never liked Vista much, and Win7 only solidifies that. It has a lot of nice new features and in my mind is what Vista should have been from the start.

If you're a little adventurous you can download the Release Candidate of Win7 from Microsoft's site and try it out for free. It will work until June of 2010.
I heard this on a tech call in show while I was driving around town.  He may have just been trying to make the connection that Windows Vista will be considered Windows 6 to show how W7 isn't just entirely a new platform.  However I was pretty sure he said they were going to rename it.

In any case, I'm glad your not having any issues thus far.  I was hoping W7 would be better on speed and resource usage as you mentioned as I was was very dissappointed with the way Vista tends to bog down.
I heard that as well, but I'm pretty sure its a running joke. Like the ";letter sent out"; for no Microsoft employees to refer to it as Vista because of all the bad press:)
This topic is a bit old, however now that Windows 7 is out it seemed like as good a place as any to let folks know that there's a [url=]new article on the Tapspace FAQ pertaining to Windows 7 compatibility[/url].

To summarize, things should work fine, but it's recommended that users carefully check to ensure there are Windows 7 compatible drivers for their audio hardware (soundcard), and to double-check that any other software applications you intend to use VDL with are also Windows 7 compatible.
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