Finale 2010 is out!

Finale 2010 pre-orders were announced today.

Check out the new features:


Yay for percussion improvements!
New features for Finale 2010 are like putting chrome wheels on a rusty '89 civic.

j/k :)

It looks like this edition is [u]very[/u] percussion friendly.  It also seems to be a big step in the direction of making music software easier to use. 
Finale 2010 is now shipping.
Indeed! Some exciting new things in store for percussion folks in Finale 2010. Thanks for getting the announcement posted so quickly, and thanks also to Ted who has been slaving away at the various bits of template maintenance. It's a thankless job, and the work he's been doing should definitely create some nice features to help make using VDL and Finale way more powerful. Hang tight while the details are sorted out, and hopefully we can make these available soon.

We can thank the automobile industry for the trend of dating your products over half a year before the actual date arrives.
Heads up eveeryone.....

There will be significant changes to the Finale/VDL templates. These changes in the templates will take time in order to fully utilize them. The best advice I can give to continue using Finale 2009. A new VDL/Finale 2009 template will be arrive within the next couple of weeks.

This template will include maps for all of the VDL instruments and text expressions for keyswitches and mod wheel settings. You will no longer need to create them by hand.

Very nice!  Almost makes me want to go back to using Finale... almost... ;)

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