Learning Curve... Line... S... Plateau... to Physical Proficiency.

As a tech and a future music educator focusing on percussion overall, but for now the battery, I was curious as to everyones thoughts on the learning curve. To be a bit more specific I was curious about the muscle memory relating to tempo curve. I want to explain the best I can, but also don't want to bore those that might actually be able to contribute. So here goes for the sake of brevity, but ask questions if need be.

Given only physical proficiency in mind, what do you think the curve or line would look like for a beginning student learning a new exercise.

Do you just try to bump things up 3, 8, or 12 (consistently) clicks a week?
Do you push bigger tempos at the beginning and taper at the end knowing that there are physical limits?
Do you start small, make sure they have it, bigger increments when solid, then tapper when they are reaching physical limits?

I already have some of my own thoughts (which may be very visible), but I'm curious as to everyones thoughts. This is really only the beginning of my questions as well.

Gaining new knowledge through classes and experience, I've realized that though experience is key, keeping actual records and asking others in the process can get you further faster. Doing some R&D if you know what I mean.

Thank you all and I hope to keep this going and maybe even deepen the discussion with everyones thoughts.

When I first read this post, I was tempted to disregard it as superfluous - as one man's taking an excessively clinical approach to what, at the end of the day, is teaching a bunch of kids how to beat on drums - but you have some excellent questions there.

I'm curious to see if anyone contributes any (valuable) insight to this topic, because I'm admittedly kind of curious, too.
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