Audio does not play back in Sibelius

Hello tapspace!

I seem to be having trouble with the audio playback in Sibelius 5.2.5 with VDL.  All of the instruments and sounds seem to be loading properly and the sounds work fine in the Kontakt 2 player alone.  I have double and triple checked the settings using the guides in the template and have found nothing useful in either the FAQs or forum.  Sibelius does work fine when using MIDI instead of the VDL Soundset 5.2.5 though. 

It seems like everything should be working.  The sounds load when using the Trigger Tests, but they simply do not play at all, as in no audio, but play when using MIDI sounds.  Everything about the Sibelius Template guide tells me all of my settings are correct and I have all necessary updates.

I do not believe it to be a problem with my sound card or anything else with my computer, but here are my specifications:

HP Laptop: Pavilion dv4-1275mx Entertainment Notebook PC
Processor: AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile ZM-80 2.10 GHz
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
Hard Memory: 400 GB
System type: 64-bit Operating System

If there is anything about either Sibelius or the Kontakt 2 player that would cause something different when working together than working separately, please respond with any questions or answers you have for me.  Thanks again!
As in the same fashion as your last post, it would help if you went through a step by step outline of the process you're going from the time you open the software until you come to a screeching halt. When you say ";loading properly"; do you mean that Sibelius is loading them, or that they are loading fine in the Kontakt Player?

If you have the proper ASIO devices installed and selected, the sound set in the right place, are using the proper template, and are selecting the proper sound set in Playback Devices, you shouldn't be having any problems.
Forgive me for taking so long to reply.  The day I posted this I got very sick.  I'm only now feeling good enough to trouble myself with this program again...

Yes, everything checks out and is in the right place.  I've checked in the playback devices and it's ";running"; on the Kontakt 2 player and is using the VDL soundset 5.2.5 sounds as stated in the Sibelius template guide, which i imagine would only show up if it were in the right place.

I've gotten everything to work in the Kontakt player fine now, sounds very cool.  When I create instruments in Sibelius using the instruments from the VDL template, I get the same loading screen for the instrument as i would loading it in the kontakt player, that's what i meant for loading.  Forgive me for not specifying.

Now, what i can't figure out is that if i can go so far as to have sibelius load the instruments from the kontakt player, what would still cause the sounds not to play?  (I mean at all?)  I feel as if i'm missing just one step.

If there is anything that would allow sibelius to recognize VDL, but not play it, i would be much obliged.

Thanks again from a much cooler drummer.
I am having the same exact issue as the original poster. My specs are:
ASUS Laptop (bought at Best Buy yesterday - said it was their best machine)
Intel Core2 Duo CPU @2ghz
4GB ram
Realtek Sound card
400GB Harddrive 7200rpm
Windows Vista
Sibelius 5.2.5
VDL 2.5

Sound set is dragged to the right place I think.
I'm pretty sure I followed the instruction in the README file for configuration word for word.
When I open a trigger test file (snare for example) I'll click on a note to hear it play and the sounds begin to load as 6 or 7 windows pop up in succession showing ";progress";. Once finished I'll click on more notes and no sound. Playback is silent. When I switch the playback device back to default using the Micrsoft GS wavetable synth, all the midi sounds work. The test button in the mixer window also works for the midi sounds but when set on Kontakt2 there is silence. I looked for a trouble shooting page with no luck. Any ideas out there?
Do you both have an ASIO driver installed and selected, such as ASIO4ALL? If not, that might be your problem. I've found that I generally don't get good results, if any at all, unless I'm using ASIO.
When you go into [b]Play > Playback Devices[/b], select an instance of [b]Kontakt Player 2[/b], then click on [b]Test[/b] do you hear the test scale being played? That's the first question I would answer.
Thank you both. I downloaded the ASIO driver and that seemed to help. Its interesting though. I was only able to get VDL sounds by selecting Sibelius Essentials rather than the VDL sound set. I'm going to try a different machine. The laptop I just bought has the 64bit version of Vista and that technology is causing problems with Sibelius I think so I'll try everything again when I get my hands on a different computer. I'll take you advice Josh and do the test on Playback Devices as soon as I get to that point. Thanks for the help so far.
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