Problems with VDL 2.5 Installation

I have had VDL 2.5 for a long time now, and it doesnt seem to properly install. When I choose easy install, it says 441 components left, then just cuts out with no confirmation page. The same thing occurs when i do a manual install. I am trying to use this program with Sibelius 5, but when i open Sibelius, the Kontakt Player says its missing 2747 files. Furthermore, when trying to use the Kontakt Playback after writing a piece, it says Kontakt Player not found.

Do I have a bad disc? Or am i missing something???

Any suggestions....

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Hey Aaron,

What is the operating system on your computer, computer specs, etc (see my signature for an example)?

yeah, i am having the same exact problem, can anyone help? my specs are 4 GB Ram, duel core 2.8 ghz, 500 gb hd.
Mac or PC?
I am having the same problems.

I have a Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard 4gb
Sounds like you need the Leopard installer:

Also make sure that you've manually copied the three large .nkx files to the directory where you installed VDL.
Thanks so much! This fixed it!
Glad we got you squared away!
Okay, well this fixed the problem of finding my samples.  I had been trying to get them to work with Finale, I bought the templates from the website.  Whenever I open one of the templates, it will load all the instruments but I have yet to be able to get any of the sounds.  The only error that comes up is ";Missing requested Audio Unit fx plugin: Garritan: Ambience for final mix slot #1";

I don't know if this is the reason that I have no sounds, but I need help!

If you go to MIDI/Audio Menu > Instrument Setup > AU Instruments, what is loaded in the first 2 banks?  Does it say Kontakt Player 2 (KP2)?  If so, click the Pencil icon next to Bank 1-16 to open the KP2.  Navigate to Window Menu > Instrument List, and make sure the instruments loaded correspond to the channels in the Instrument List (such as, Snare would be Channel 1, Quads Channel 2, etc).

If no instrument modules are loaded in the KP2, or KP2 is not loaded in one of Finale's AU banks, you will need to manually set up the instruments.  Load an instance of KP2 in Bank 1-16, then add the instruments matching the Finale channels as detailed above.

Once that is complete, choose the Simple Entry Tool and try to click in some notes on the staff.  Do you get any sound?

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