Some notes louder than others

I found a thread with vdl 1 about this, but here goes. I just installed Sib 5.2 (doing a crossgrade from finale). I have a keyrig 49 hooked up and Sib 5 is entering notes just fine. But the harder I push on the keys, I get louder notes. I know there is  a way to get the notes to sound the same no matter how hard you hit, but I can't find the right setting. Any help would be great.



ps I accidentally posted this in VDL1 discussion as well sorry!
Keep in mind, that the velocity variance you're hearing isn't recorded by Sibelius (or Finale) unless you're playing the music into the notation software live (in real time). If you're entering note-by-note by step time entry (the way most VDL users do), the velocities played back will be based on the dynamics you've entered into the score, any ornamentation like accents, marcatos, or manual velocity adjustment that you've entered.
Thanks. I'll have to make sure I try that step time entry. I'll need to see if I have the settings right for that.
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