I can't activate. It says that the activation tool is no longer valid, but when I go to the service center Virtual Drumline is nowhere to be found. I can't run the program, I thought I registered it years ago when I bought it and the tapspace serial #/registration box shows that I have, but the program says I haven't and shuts down!
Joe Malone
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For activation:

[b]VDL 2.5[/b] comes with a program from Native Instruments called [b]Service Center[/b].

[b]VDL2[/b] shipped with a program called [b]Registration Too[/b]l. [i]This registration method is no longer supported[/i], and has since been replaced by Service Center.

In either case, it is recommended to download the latest edition of Service Center (free) from the NI website [url=]here[/url].

Once you've downloaded and installed Service Center, any installed NI software should appear within it for you to activate. If you aren't seeing it, I'd recommend re-installing the VDL/Kontakt Player software. If you're not seeing VDL as an option to activate within Service Center, it's possible that you've moved pieces to a new machine, or certain preference files are no longer in their correct locations, so a reinstall should remedy this.
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