Bass Drum Heads, Muffling and Tuning

Hello all,

This question is more directed toward Jim Casella and the Cavaliers Bass Line (love the sound of the drums).  However, any suggestions or tips are welcome.  Onto business:

1.)  What type of remo heads are you using at the Cavaliers? 
2.)  What muffling techniques do you use? i.e internal muffling
3.)  What tuning sequence do you use?  (the school I just got a job at has 16,18,22,24,26)  I am pushing getting a 28"; for some depth and a wider tuning range.

As I mentioned above, I welcome all suggestions and advice, but would love to hear from Mr. Casella.  Thanks guys!

Ricky Morrow
God bless the forum!
Check out this thread:

Someone else asked this very same question. ;)
Thanks Josh!  Sorry for the repost guys!  I just need to perform a better search next time!

Just to add... I've used the Remo Powermax for two years now and love them.  They're great heads.  Plus no foam fun!
[quote author=gots2drum link=topic=3121.msg16492#msg16492 date=1244092542]Sorry for the repost guys![/quote]

Oh, there's always room for a good bass tuning discussion. Just wanted to let you know about the Cavies' basses. :)
In regard to tuning method, I typically find what m7b5 chord works best, augment the 9th and tune to a fractured 13th.  :p

Usually I keep the intervals in the upper drums to 3rds (minor or major depend on my mood) and look for 4ths and 5ths between 3-4 and 4-5.  My tuning changes year to year, though.  Sometimes I just feel that the parts sound good with tuning X instead of tuning Y.

As for a tuning method, I'll put all the basses on their stands and tune them that way.  Then once they sound good close, I'll ask them to play excerpts while I walk further and further away.  It's important to note that the tuning should be considered from 50 feet away or more... not 50 inches.  None of the judges I've seen are ever close to the lines or bands.
[quote author=Cadet311 link=topic=3121.msg16494#msg16494 date=1244113288]
Just to add... I've used the Remo Powermax for two years now and love them.  They're great heads.  Plus no foam fun!

I'd love to pick up a set of these for my kids. I've heard lots of great things about them. How are you using the built in muffling? Is it similar to the Evans ";wedge"; system?
No, moreso similar to the Aquarian Superkick BD heads.  One ring around the inside.  No modification.  I really dig 'em.  Good sound, no fuss.  :)
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