Sibelius 5.x: Converting 5.1 scores to 5.2

[b]Sibelius 5.x: Converting 5.1 scores to 5.2[/b]

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Our goal here is to copy the music from your 5.1 score (which includes noteheads, articulations, and staff placements), and paste them into your 5.2 score. (Several other items will transfer also, but those are the more important ones.) OK, that may sound fairly simple, but we provided the list of recommended steps for doing so anyway.

Step 1. Create backups of each file you will be working with, just in case.

Step 2. Open the 5.1 score you want to convert. Open a copy of the 5.2 Template. Position one score (window) on top of another (Window > Tile Horizontally). Set both to Panorama view.

Step 3. Go to [b]Play > Playback Devices[/b] and choose a [b]Configuration[/b] that does not have any Active devices. You don’t want to give Sibelius a chance to load any patches in case you click on a note. Save both files.

Step 4. Go to [b]View[/b] and select [b]Staff Names and Bar Numbers[/b]. This will be applied to both files.

Step 5. In the 5.2 score, go to [b]Create > Instruments[/b]. Remove the default instrument and insert the instruments that need to be inserted so as to match the 5.1 score. Do not add any instrument changes - only the first/original instrument for each staff is needed at this time.

Step 6. In the 5.2 score, make sure the staves and instrument names are matching from the old score. Delete all but one measure from the new score.

Step 7. Return to the old score and select all items by going to [b]Edit > Select > Select All[/b] (Ctrl+A PC, Cmnd+A Mac). Then [b]Edit > Copy[/b] (Ctrl+C PC, Cmnd+C Mac).

Step 8. Once everything has been selected, go to the new score, select the first measure of the first staff and [b]Edit > Paste[/b] (Ctrl+V PC, Cmnd+V Mac) the content into the score.

That's it! Your score is now converted.

Step 9. Depending on how you had your prior score laid out, you may find that some formatting elements need some adjusting in your new score. You may need to spend some time tweaking some settings in the Document Setup, and Engraving Rules windows, as well as making sure layout elements such as title, subtitle, headers, composer, page number settings, dedication, and other score-wide forms of text are the way you want.

[b]Do I need to convert my 5.1 scores to 5.2?[/b]

Yes. The guys at Sibelius restructured the sound set (XML file) by rearranging the prioritization of the sound IDs, as far as the way Sibelius handles them. We believe they did this to better standardize the SoundWorld format; this will also help compatibility with other sound libraries and help forward compatibility as newer versions of Sibelius are released.

[b]Isn’t there an easier way to get the 5.1 scores to play back in 5.2?[/b]

An alternative method may have been slightly faster, but would have required a second sound set that was specifically tailored to play 5.1 scores in 5.2. In our research, we determined this would have ultimately caused more confusion so the steps outlined above is what we're recommending. To save time, you may find it helpful to save your own copy of the 5.2 score once you've completed Step 9 above.

[b]Can I convert my 5.1 score to 5.2.5?[/b]

You can, but it is not recommended. When going from Template 5.2 to 5.2.5 we had to make some slight changes to the notehead definitions to fix a Sibelius bug that appeared when importing a House Style that did not have each notehead defined uniquely.

[b]What about scores started in Sibelius 4 or earlier?[/b]

You will need to manually re-input everything into the most recent version (recommended) of the Sib_VDL_Template that is currently available.

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good info

However I follow one very simple rule: never, EVER, upgrade anything until I'm done writing and it's off to the printer. 

Does this work for Sibelius 6 as well????
[quote author=snaretech link=topic=3127.msg16830#msg16830 date=1246420807]
Does this work for Sibelius 6 as well????

Does the above described conversion process work in Sibelius 6? I don't know, I haven't tried it.

If you have a 5.1 score that needs converted I recommend you do that in Sibelius 5.2 or 5.2.5. From there you can use your newly converted 5.2 score in Sibelius 6, provided you continue to use the correct sound set with it.

Installing Sibelius 6 on your machine does not change your Sibelius 5 installation.
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